Metering pump (HDI)

  • HDI (small capacity)

    HDI (small capacity)

  • HDI-D (middle capacity)

    HDI-D (middle capacity)

  • HDI-L (large capacity)

    HDI-L (large capacity)


Reduction gear

HDI (small model) :planetary gear reduction
HDI-D/L (middle/large) :worm gear reduction
They can maintain good durabiIity and quality by each reduction gear.

Stable flow rate

HDI series have stable flow rate in other metering pump.

Chemical resistance

It can be used to transfer almost all kinds of chemicals for its diaphragm lining is made from PTFE.
It can be used to transfer liquid with slurry.
(except HDI-30)

Installation records

• Sterilization (water supply)
• Various chemical (water treatment equipment)
• food additives (food plant)
• Various chemicals (Chemical plant)
• pressure pump for dewateriing machine and fiIter press


Small model (HDI) 2.5 [3]ml/min -2500 [3000]ml/min
Midium model (HDI-D) 400[480]ml/min - 5000 [6000] ml/min
Large model (HDI-L) 300 [360]ml/mln - 45000 [54000] ml/min

• connection : hose/union/fIange
• max dischage pressure 1.0MPa (changes max pressure accoding to pump model)
• suction head - 2m Max (running at the full stroke)